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FLORISTS ONLY Magazine is the first floral design magazine in Romania. Started in 2009, its main goal was to inspire florists and decorators as well as to motivate them to become better, to strive for perfection. At that time, in Romania there were very few trainers in the field of floral design and the quality of education was below the average. So, we connected the local flower industry to Western Europe, and today we are proud to be part of the progress the local industry has made in the past decade. 

Through the pages of FLORISTS ONLY Magazine, many florists have heard for the first time about the key players in floral design such as Tomas de Bruyne, Jaqueline Boerma, Gregor Lersch and others like them. But this beautiful guild still needs support. As we relaunch the magazine, our goal is no longer to educate the florists but to educate their customers as well. Our main focus is on practical, saleable, and profitable floral designs that can help florists work less for the same money! So, join us and let’s grow your flower business together! 

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Florists Only Magazine enters a new stage

After taking a break for a few years, the Florists Only Magazine reclaims its previous role, but this time it comes with something extra. Each issue of this floral design magazine will have three sections: one for the general public, one for the brides-to-be, and one for the florists. We are confident that we will be able to educate our customers very quickly and efficiently, just like we helped florists increase their level of professionalism. So, starting with 2020, Florists Only Magazine will reach a larger audience. After all, florists need customers and clients who are able to truly appreciate the value of their work. We hope that every reader will find useful and practical information, but above all, we hope that our readers will find creative gift ideas and intricate floral designs that will impress their loved ones. So, let’s make every special occasion memorable through floral design!

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Education, inspiration, motivation

FLORISTS ONLY – the first floral design magazine in Romania – remains faithful to the motto that has accompanied it all these years and will continue to provide education (information), inspiration and motivation to both those who already have a flower shop or an event organizing agency (weddings, baptisms, etc.) and those who are just starting their flower business. Through the video resources and all the articles we will publish, you will have access to education in floral design at the lowest possible price. So, we invite you to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don’t miss any video!

Floral design courses and business training

As already mentioned, on floristsonly.ro you will find floral design courses and business training at unbeatable prices, designed by professionals with over 13 years of experience in flower trading.

Until 2009, when FLORISTS ONLY magazine has first been published, there were no vocational training courses in Romania. Today, however, the Romanian market is overrun by floral design courses at exorbitant prices that are a burden for those who want to start their own flower business or simply want to perfect themselves. If in the past, anyone could open a flower shop, learning on the go, today the floral design courses act as an entry barrier on the local flower market. We believe that education must be accessible. That’s why we will do our best to provide you with high-quality floral design courses at the lowest price possible.

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Wedding inspiration from floristsonly.ro

When it comes to floral arrangements for the wedding, social networks greatly influence the decisions that the bride and groom make regarding their wedding decoration. FLORISTS ONLY Magazine aims to bring brides with their feet to the ground and to offer them not only a ton of inspiration but also tips to facilitate interaction with the florist or event agency that will deal with the decorative elements of the wedding.

As a future bride, you do not need to take a floral design course yourself to make yourself understood. In selecting wedding decorations, however, you must also consider the financial limitations, besides the chromatic or seasonal limitations of the flowers. So, in the pages of Florists Only Magazine, you will find suggestions, alternatives and bypass roads that you can take to achieve the wedding decoration long dreamed without exceeding the allocated budget.

Business and marketing advice

From the first issues, FLORISTS ONLY magazine has offered business and marketing tips for florists, and these will not be missing in future editions. The economic context is changing. The advice we published 10 years ago, today may not be effective. A flower business, even though it seems seductive from a distance, is much harder than you think. The success in the flower market is not so much about the floral design courses that you attend, but the way you manage to differentiate yourself from the competition, the good management of the financial resources, the loyalty of your customers and many other aspects that you we will discuss in each edition, as well as in the blog section of our website.

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