Download all the previous issues of Florists Only Magazine!

In this section, we invite you to explore all the previous issues of Florists Only Magazine – the first floral design magazine in Romania. Now you can download all the 24 issues at once! Here’s what you’ll find in them:

  • over 1000 pages filled with inspiration and interesting articles
  • interviews with world-renowned floral designers
  • a wide variety of flower arrangements and wedding bouquets
  • business and marketing advice
  • tips for caring for cut flowers and pot plants
  • news from the Dutch flower auctions
  • business opportunities

It took us six years to publish all this. How fast can you read them? Take advantage of this offer and download the special package with each edition as PDF, easy to browse both on the phone and on your tablet or laptop!

Download all 24 digital editions of Florists Only Magazine (.pdf)!

Destress and flourish with Florists Only Magazine!

Let Florists Only Magazine help you destress and disconnect from everyday problems and take you into a world of creativity, in which “everything you can imagine is real”. If you have recently attended a floral design course or are planning to enroll in a floral design course, all of these magazines will help you become familiar with contemporary floral design. You can even consider this bundle of 24 magazines as a kind of floral design course for beginners.

As of this year, the Florists Only Magazine enters a new phase. We want you to recharge your batteries with every issue and return to your flower shop or to your team full of bold and profitable floral design ideas. However, we also have to accept that the best-selling products are not necessarily overflowing with creativity. So let’s not lose sight of this!

Last but not least, it is good to know that the first 24 issues of the Florists Only Magazine were directed mainly to those involved in the flower industry. Starting with no.25, the first floral design magazine in Romania also addresses the general public, who loves art and flowers, while also inspiring future brides in search of ideas for their wedding. What good to grow and specialize if our customers don’t? At the moment there is a huge gap between florists and their clients, and Florists Only Magazine aims to bridge the gap and to make floral design (the art of flower arranging) more appreciated and accessible globally. 

So, if you are looking for one-of-a-kind gift ideas, bouquets or flower arrangements for a loved one, Florists Only Magazine is here to inspire you. Read each issue of the magazine to surprise your loved ones with something different and unique. Florists can put together remarkable combinations of flowers and colors that you would not have even thought of! So check out the latest issue as well.